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TL866 series programmer has been designed and developed in 2010 by Haikou Xingong Electronic Co., in China. The XGecu brand was created in 2014. After more than ten years of development, through competitive price and high quality, XGecu TL866 series product rapidly occupies vast market and enjoys enormous growth potential.

Since the majority enter to the market, XGecu TL866 series product is praised by agents and hundreds of thousands of customers, known as "Cost-effective brand of universal programmer" in the maintenance industry.

In 2022, new model XGecu T48 (TL866-3G) was released. In the future, The XGecu will reward customers with continuous innovation, better quality, and excellent after service.

New Model XGecu T48 (TL866 3rd generation)

XGecu T56 Programmer

XGecu T56 Programmer

New Mainstream Design

32-bit MCU 200MHZ + Xilinx SP6 FPGA Srtucture!

Open source programming adapter

There are the circuit diagrams and you can DIY or buy universal adapters, that will save you a lot of money in the future!

High-speed programming of EMMC chips

Reading EMMC speed: 14MB/s-45MB/s, it is 2-5 times faster than similar programmers, that is important for large-capacity EMMC

What is the 56-pin powerful pins drivers IO design of XGecu T56 programmer?

It is small in size, but the internal hardware has a high performance with the 56-pin powerful pins drivers, that is unparalleled in the marketplace.

56-pin powerful pins drivers IO design includes as below:
1. 56-pin Independently controllable adjustable VCC, from 1.2V to 6.5V
2. 56-pin Independently controllable GND
3. 48+2 ISP 50-pin independently controllable adjustable VPP, from 6V-25V
4. 56-pin special 30V high-voltage, high-speed isolated circuits
5. 56-pin IO overvoltage protection circuit (further IO protection to the main chip in case of damage to the high voltage isolation circuit)
6. 56-pin Independently controllable weak pull-up resistor
7. 56-pin Independently controllable weak pull-down resistor
8. 56-pin high-speed Input and Output IO (IO adjustable voltage from 1.2 to 3.6V), each pin can be used as a high-speed clock signal up to 50MHZ

About T48, Top EPROM Mer. High quality. Programmed also all famous Winbond EEPROMs, the the TL866II can eigergt has. Super.

Alwin Bartsch

Very quick delivery (1 week). New programmer is faster than previous 866 II +

Sordon Slawomir

Good quality. Simple, fast and effective

Couldn’t be easier to setup and use. My Windows 10 system recognized the programmer immediately when it was plugged in. it supports a huge library of EPROMs, programmable gates, etc. Its quick and reliable.

Darrell A. Westbury

Lo compraria otra vez.

Dispositivo muy practico, facil de usar fue una excelente inversión.

Luis. R. Lathman. R.

Great programmer. Please add suport for more pic family devices.

Jose Renato Castro Milanez

Package arrived in perfect condition and the Description which is mentioned was accurate and well packaged each boards.

subash vasudevan

Perfecto, el sistema se comporta sin problemas, con la comodidad de ser USB, sin tener que alimentar de forma externa, ni necesidad de puerto paralelo.

Jose Bb

Товар получен за 14 дней. Все упаковано хорошо, адаптеры в отдельные свертки на кусочках полипропилена, все акуратно и компактно. Программатор работоспособен, самотестирование прошел. Лучшие рекомендации по работе продавца и товару.

Vladyslav Semchenko

Отличный! Обновился через интернет. Попробовал уже в деле: nand и несколько eeprom (в том числе isp через "прищепку"). Есть halp-рисунком по подключению. За такую сумму адекватный программатор! Желаю дальнейшего роста разработчикам в новых дополнениях в программе и новых панелек!

Alexander Kazakov